How much does it cost?

You only need to make an account on our website and after that you are good to go to send free text messages to your friends and loved ones.

How do I register?

You just need to click on the "Register" button to get registered on our website. After clicking on the register button a form will open which you have to fill and click register. After completing these two simple steps your account will be registered and you will now be able to send and receive free text messages from all mobile networks. 

Can I send 1000 simultaneous messages?

Yes, you are able to send a vast amount of text messages in a day as our system can handle these amount of messages in a day time under fair usage policy.

How long does it take to deliver messages?

Your text message will be sent immediately as soon as you click the “Send” button after completing your message.

Do you support non-English text?

People can send text message in English as well as in Urdu from this website as we support both texts for the ease of use for our website account holders.

Do you provide status reports for the undelivered messages?

A status report is also sent on your account after sending text messages and in case the message is not delivered you will get a delivery failure message in your account.

Do you support 2 way SMS?

Yes, we support 2 way SMS as the users who are registered on our website will be able to receive and send text messages to mobile networks in Pakistan.

Why is this free and how many SMS I can send?

Yes it is free and you can send unlimited text messages on various mobile networks under fair usage policy of our website.

Can I send spam or unsolicited SMS?

No, you are strictly advised not to send spam or any other spontaneous text messages from this site. In case you send your account will be blocked and your number will be reported to the local police station.

Do I have to be in the same city that I'm sending SMS?

No, it is not necessary to be in the same city to send text messages as you just need a computer or laptop with Internet facility to send and receive text messages on various mobile networks.

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