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1/13/2015 1:44:27 PM

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Amir Khan Sends Legal Notice to Pakistani Websites for Publishing Fake Interviews

Amir Khan has sent legal notice to Pakistani websites on publishing his fake interview regarding to religion and with indication of his latest released movie PK.

Amir Khan’s movie PK that coped to set a new box office record but it’s also facing criticism from some groups. Some Pakistani websites published fictitious interview of Amir Khan, regarding to religion in which he was answering to a reporter about difference between Hinduism and Islam.

The managing partner of DSK Legal Anand Desaiha sent the notice on Amir’s behalf to Pakistani Websites. Anand has also said that Amir Khan was surprised to see his fake interview associated to him and the actor was incorrectly attributed for the interview. It’s absolutely a fairytale made by someone to impersonate him and Amir Khan has not given such an interview.  The purpose of fake interview is to defame Amir Khan and to attract more visitors for website.

“The legal notices have sent to those websites on Amir’s behalf, the impersonation is a severe transgression of our client’s rights. To cope with it we’re adopting legal ways. Amir Khan is currently in United States and on returning Mumbai he is endeavoring to file a case against Cybercrime cell in Mumbai Police Station”, he added.

PK has also released in Pakistan and made business of 18 Caror and it will be in cinema till the end of January. Some media analysts are predicting that PK would be able to break record of Pakistani movie Waar which did record business of 22 Crore.  Anushka Shrama and Amir Khan are the leading characters of the movie while in other caste Sushanat Singh Rajpoot, Boman Irani, Saurabh Shukla and Sunjy Datt are included.

Religious groups have not only criticized on the movie but also they demanded to censor the movie. Many celebrates including Sharukh Khan has appreciated the movie and said it’s not right to censor PK. The movie has managed to overcome all conspiracies and controversies and is still earning well.



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