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5/27/2014 2:41:52 PM

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Cockroach Farming in China is a Booming Business

Cockroach Farming Business In China is on peak, now more farmers are getting involve in this profitable business. Now a cockroach farmer can get $20 for one pound dead cockroaches. These cockroaches are used in several traditional medicine and cosmetic products as a cheap source of protein.

Most of us dislike even listening the name of incest like Cockroach, but the Chinese People are earning profit from Cockroach Faming. Yes these cockroaches have become the main source of income for several Chinese. This industry is yet new in China, but about now more people are getting interest in Cockroach Farming as well.
43 years old Chinese Wang Fuming is known as World’s largest Cockroach Trader has establish 6 Farm Houses for the production of Cockroaches. These farm houses contain about 10 million Cockroaches. Wan sold these cockroaches to Medicines and Cosmetics Companies for the production of several products. These companies use these cockroaches to access proteins as these cockroaches are cheap and affordable.
At least 5 Chinese Medicines Companies are using Cockroaches in their products. The use of Cockroaches is growing in China and Korea treat baldness, Aids and Cancer, research is in process for the productive use of Cockroach in above mentioned diseases. Both countries are working on several research programs.
Wang Started faming of Cockroaches in 2010, when the price of 1 Pound dead Cockroaches were 1 Pound or 2 US Dollars, while now the same quantity of Cockroaches are priced at 20 US Dollars. The traditional medicines companies put these cockroaches in boiling water and then dry these cockroaches in order to make powder of them to use them in medical and cosmetic products.

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