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1/23/2015 12:45:53 PM

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Karina Kapoor Hires Personal Bodyguards after Threats from Religious Groups

Karina Kapoor has beefed up her security after getting threats from religious groups. He has hired personal bodyguards and has increased her personal security.

A morphed picture was published as a cover on religious group’s magazine in which her half face was covered with burqa. The cover was a warning against love jihad. In love Jihad the Muslim boys pretend to love with non Muslim young girls and forced them to embrace Islam. The cover was published by Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) on their magazine as cover page. Karina’s picture got viral on internet and according to Rajni Thukralthe publisher of picture, Karina has deep influence on Indian youth and young girls like to follow her.

She has no serious threats but all precautions are for her personal safety because she is concerned about her security. The security arrangements are also revised on her residential place to make it foolproof. She has made precautionary measures but still no escort has seen with her. Saif Ali Khan her husband and famous bollywood film star has said, “When Kareena and I married, there were similar death threats, with people on the Net saying absurd things about 'love jihad'. We follow whatever religion or spiritual practice we believe in. We talk about them and respect each other's views. I hope our children will do the same."

Karina Kapoor is a well known bollywood actress and has a large following all around the World. She married to a Muslim filmactor Saif Ali Khan and after marriage she embraced Islam.  

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