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5/2/2015 10:32:38 AM

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Peace in the Country is our first Preference, Says PM

Prime Minister Nawz Sharif has said on Friday that peace is our government’s first preference because is essential for confirming prosperity and law and order situation in the country.

“We are working hard to set up peace across the country because it will bring about prosperity, draw investment and help check poverty, unemployment and illiteracy,” he said when he was addressing a ceremony held in Peshawar in which he distributed cheques among the families of rain victims.

While addressing to rain victims he told them about his visit to Khajuri check post and said now peace has established in North Waziristan. The rule of terror has destroyed from the that area and IDP’s who spent more than year in camps because of operation Zarb-e- Azb  are now enjoying a peaceful environment in their area.  

 “The people of Karachi are now more satisfied as the incidents of street crimes, terrorism, extortion and targeted killing have decreased. The lights of Karachi are being restored,” he said while discussing peace condition of Karachi.

He also said method of Liquefied Natural Gas would be used to generate electricity but to make it reality peace is necessary.

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