Posted By : Mamoona Naseer

4/4/2015 11:08:25 PM

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PTI to Move against Altaf in London if any Party Worker is harmed, says Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that he has team of lawyers in London who are ready to charge against Altaf Hussain, if any PTI member get harmed during NA-246 election campaign.

Imran Khan has warned Altaf Hussain and has said in his three tweet posts “People of Karachi are accustomed to Adolf Altaf's tactics. First terrorise the helpless citizens of the city and then play the victim. I cannot forget what I was told by a murdered MQM leader's family in 2007. Those who murdered him were mourning at his funeral. PTI has got a team of lawyers ready in London to press charges against Altaf if any PTI member is harmed during NA 246 election campaign.”
Khan's statement comes ahead of a forthcoming by-election in Karachi's NA-246, an MQM bastion which was left vacant after the resignation from the National Assembly of MQM leader Nabeel Gabol. MQM and PTI workers clashed in Azizabad when Imran Ismail visited the MQM bastion to meet workers and play a game of cricket.

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