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4/6/2015 9:55:45 AM

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Punjab Suggests Legal Reforms in Criminal Justice System

To eliminate drawbacks in the country’s criminal justice system, Punjab Prosecution System has decided to introduce new legal reforms in prosecution laws.

The loopholes present in criminal justice system are supportive for criminals and create difficulties for innocent. Provisional government has sent the reform suggestions to Prime Minister’s Committee on legal reforms for approval. The purpose of reforms is to strengthen the criminal justice system so the criminals would never take the advantage of any flaw present in law.

Reforms include the amendment in CrPC which would help to issue a time table for removal of each case on the basis of number of witness and other evidence. The provincial prosecution department says provisions should be made for attachment of magistrates with the session’s courts for recording of evidence of witnesses on the direction of the presiding judge.

To empower the investigating officers, they will be duly certified to carry out investigation and for collection of evidence. Provisions should be inserted in the Police Law to formulate the certification mandatory.

The prosecutors should be empowered to conclude unpardonable and unnecessary cases by amendment to section 173 of CrPC. Amendments should consequently be made to section 162 of CrPC. However, audio-video recording should be allowed during the examination of the accused.   

Provisions should be made in the CrPC for modifying identification of deduces via DNA and finger prints identification parade. Currently, Under Lahore High Court there is no provision and the identification parade is made under and the process is vague.

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