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1/21/2015 2:59:54 PM

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Get Calcium from Non Dairy Foods

Calcium is an essential element of human body and necessary for the growth and health of teeth and bones.

The biggest source of calcium is milk and things made from milk. But we know many people especially children are allergic from milk and complain about its smell and taste. But obviously body needs calcium whether you like milk or not. To intake an adequate amount of calcium there are some other foods available with large amount of calcium.

Oranges are full of nutrients and are categorized as low calorie fruits. Along with vitamin C and antioxidants an ample amount of Calcium is available in it. Eat three oranges per day fulfills your calcium needs proficiently.   

Only three ounce of salmon fish gives you half of your daily calcium need. Protein is also present in it which is also beneficial for health.

Lady finger is the most eatable vegetable in all around the World has rich source of calcium. Its fiber is best for constipation and huge amount of vitaminB6 is present in it.   

Dried figs are not only a sweet dessert but also has immense amount of calcium present in it. It’s helpful in keeping steady heart beat and to maintain muscular functions. If you don’t like milk then eat one cup of figs because it’s the substitute of one glass milk.

If you don’t afford milk or expensive foods then eat green leaves of turnip. Turnip leaves are enriching with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It's not only easily available but also cheaper than other sources. 

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