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1/16/2015 2:47:36 PM

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Beware! It may be a Symptom of Cancer

Cancer is a group of diseases and in its early stages it’s difficult to find out its symptoms.

The symptoms of cancer are various and it depends on what the type of this cancer and where it is located in the body.  There are more than hundred different types of cancers; the type is classified by the cell which they initially affect in the body. When it grows it starts spreading adjacent cells and some signs and symptoms start unrevealed.  Following are some common and major symptoms observed in every type.

Sometimes the affected area is complicated and apparently we can’t see it like in brain tumor but if you notice any abrupt change in the color or shape of the skin then never ignore it, it may the symptom of skin cancer. Early diagnose it can prevent from serious loss and doctors can remove affected part immediately so other cells not get harm.

Constant pain in throat and difficulty in swallowing can lead to throat or stomach cancer. It also becomes a reason it losing weight and vomiting. Usually doctors diagnose it with barium X-ray test.

If you notice any difference in white and patches of your tongue or lips, especially when you’re a smoker or tobacco chewer then ignoring these symptoms can raise the danger for mouth cancer. Consult with your dentist or doctor as soon as possible.

If you find a lump ob breast or notice any clot, change of the breast shape or swollen around armpit, it often because of breast cancer. X-ray can detect it before it becomes large enough to feel.

Continuous headache and fever with fatigue are the symptoms of brain tumor, with the help of MRI tumor can be easily detected. Even if you see blood in stool or in spit, contact to your doctor so in any  critical case the treatment would get start early.


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