Posted By : Mamoona Naseer

2/19/2015 3:21:32 PM

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Excessive TV Watching can Shortens Your Life

According to a research, excessive watching TV increases the risks to life and shaves few years from the expected life.

We all find it entertaining to sit in front of TV and spend few hours in watching a watching a program. However, now the study says this entertaining TV tube can become the cause shortens your life. Surprisingly, the people who daily do exercise and have proper diet aren’t exceptional from its threats to life. Following are some risks you can face because of TV.
The risk of death raises 13 up to percent for those who daily spend two to four hours. Moreover, the people who used to watch TV more than 4 hours increase the risk chances up to 46 percent. Excessive TV watching can become a cause of cardiovascular disease, watching TV is major reason to increase the risks up to 11 percent.
When we sit and watch TV for prolong period of time, it decreases the movement and HDL level falls as much as 20 percent. Those people who smoke during watching TV and don’t do exercise daily; lose 11 minutes from their lives every day. Smokers above the age of 50 have to face more sever results and on the average they reduce 4 years from their expected life.
Obviously, sitting in a same pose for hours, effects on metabolic system, the risks can be minimized by getting up and moving around more often. Watching TV is a big reason of mindless eating and mindless snacking which definitely affects bad on health.  

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