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1/9/2015 1:02:43 PM

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Home Medication for Sore Throat in winter

In winter sore throat is very common and it’s the first sign of cold. Allergies, dry air and transfer of bacteria by using same towels are the main causes of throat infection.

Regardless of investigating cause our major concern is to get relief from this pain. Bacterial infections cause only little throat infection and instead of running to doctor for treatment there are some good home remedies to counter the pain.
Salt water gurgles are best to decrease throat swelling and flush out bacteria and mucus. Practicing it twice a day is sufficient. Add half tea spoon salt in one glass of moderate water and spit out water.
Keeping your throat moist would help you to decrease arise of saliva production which also stop stimulation of bacteria in mouth. You can suck a cough drop having flavor of methanol or eucalyptus. Lozenges are also helpful to provide heat to throat.
In sore throat staying hydrated is very important it’s good to resist inflammation and redness inside throat. Drink different fluids, mix honey in water and drink two to three glass it would also help you to keep your mucus membrane moist and excess fluid help you resist against allergens and cold symptoms.
Drink tea or herbal tea to soothe your throat, herbal teas contain antioxidants that make immune system strong and defend against   infection. The sodium present chicken soap has anti inflammatory properties and helps you to swallow food by decreasing pain.
Keep good rest and use antibodies or any cough syrup available in your home and eat oyster sweet potatoes to ward off cold and flu in this winter season. 

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