Posted By : Mamoona Naseer

1/2/2015 1:12:37 PM

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Surprising Benefits of Mustard in winters.

Mustered and its seeds are indispensible ingredients in Pakistani kitchens especially in winters

In winter usage and accessibility of mustard increased and we see cooked mustered in every home. Along its taste and benefits it also has many medical benefits for health.  Both cooked seed forms prevent human body from various diseases; I would like to discuss few of them.

The presence of glucosinolates and microsinase helps immune system to resist growth of cancer in cells. The presence of potassium is beneficial for digestive health and allows muscles to contract appropriately.

The use of mustard helps to decrease migraine of the availability of manganese element and using mustard oil for frying fish enriches it from omega3 content. Mustard eliminates congestion problems in respiratory system and its proper use avoids nightshades.

All nutrients that prevent disease occurrence are available in mustard and selenium contents present in mustard slow downs the rate of development cancer cells serves as anti oxidants in body. 

The selenium and manganese controls asthma symptoms and help to fight against cold and chest congestion.  The presence of B-complex vitamins ensures speeding up metabolism and losing weight.

Mustard is rich with carotenes and lutein compounds, which turn, slow the ageing process while anti-inflammatory and heat producing properties muscles and reducing pain. 

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